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Circumstances have changed.

We started 2 years ago with live on-location interviews on radio;
videoed for syndication on multiple channels;
using "snippets" to promote on social media.

That "business model" DIED in the first week of March.

We adapted1.

★ ★ ★ ★★ 

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Why rely on paper

Mariposa Mobile Coupons<sup>®</sup>

Mariposa Mobile® Coupons' "Spin-to-Win", "Scratch-to-Win", and "Play the Slots" gamification lets customers play for discounts on their smartphone!

"Loyalty card" features bring them back.

Know Customers
Like Family

77% of your customers own a smartphone.

69% use social media.

They knowingly share personal data for personalized service.

Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing

Geofence Your Market

with Lodestone®
Proximity Beacons.

Retail, service, restaurants & bars, any b&m (or online) business.

You KNOW what to do.

1 To get our local business economy rolling again, costs for PR on The Phoenix Network will be based upon RESULTS; and any costs for Local Motive Marketing service will be based upon RESULTS for the first month.

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